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— Mrs. Laura Ludgate Kersten 1998

"It's wonderful to recognize those students in all of the areas of the fine arts! It's great to find the positive things that are happening with our children, and also to recognize those unique talents that all have!

Comments from Parents

        Based on our family experience, we know that the program is very rewarding, in that, it inspires students to work hard in the areas of the Fine Arts when they know they have the opportunity to be recognized for their talents.

- Kurt & Sandy Wilke

It's built a lot of pride and confidence in the students and it's good that it gives recognition for their efforts. 

      The Students in the Arts program has made a tremendous contribution to the students and to the community as well. It provides recognition and encouragement to the students as well as role models for the young students. It emphasis the importance of the arts within our lives. This encourages excellence in the arts as well as more talent within the community. Our community has responded by providing more as well as more excellent opportunities to showcase this talent giving enrichment through the opportunities to view and participate in the Arts. We are very lucky for a town our size. We are far enough away from the cities that we make use of the talent and opportunities that we have, enriching both in the process. 

- Mrs. Diane Cochrane
- Mr. Darrell Garrett

Fantastic program! There is so much done for the athletes... it is good to see that there is an honor given to the Fine Arts students. Love the "Students in the Arts" jingle!

- Mr. Jeff Becker

It is very important that we acknowledge the accomplishments of young people to help build self-esteem. Artistic abilities have long been ignored but hopefully, the "Students in the Arts" Program will stimulate other youth to explore these areas and see if they have hidden talents. 

- Dr. Nick & Pam Drzycimski

An awesome program! Shows children that they can develop a variety of talents to use for the rest of their lives. Helps them explore their natural gifts and talents and recognizes them for their hard work. The child succeeds individually and is recognized for that.

- Mrs. Geri Winge

It's wonderful to recognize those students in all of the areas of the "Fine Arts!" It's great to find the positive things that are happening with our children and recognize those unique talents they all have. 

- Mr. Darrell Garrett

Article from Iowa Alliance for Arts education

    KVFD Radio of Fort Dodge with the support of the local school boards and local businesses, has recently begun recognizing students in Fort Dodge's public and parochial high schools' fine arts programs.  Each month four students, one representing instrumental, visual arts, vocal and drama disciplines are recognized as Outstanding Achiever of the Month.  

     Criteria for receiving the recognition was established by the school's fine arts faculty.  KVFD additionally recognizes the students and their accomplishments by: running special interviews with students on the radio, posting student photos on a "wall of fame" at both high schools, giving sponsors a plaque listing students being honored to display at their business.

     According to Ann Halbur of KVFD Radio the program demonstrates the important connection between business and education in increasing community awareness of the value of the fine arts education in our schools.

                                                     March/April Edition 1996  

local article published in the Fort Dodge Today magazine August 1996

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