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On September 10th, 2018, 384 - 4th grade students at Fort Dodge and Manson Northwest Webster schools started their journey on Creating their own Stories by Journaling.
Journaling or "J" Time is a 5 - 15 minute a day exercise for the students to learn about 10 soft skills, concentrating on one per week.  Students consistently journal Monday thru Friday on the same skill and then on Friday they take a survey to see how much they learned.
After 10 weeks and all 10 skills completed, the assessments and surveys will show how successful this initiative was and what's the next step to impacting more students. Students in the Arts Alumni are featured on each page to inspire the students.
Since introduced to Fort Dodge and Manson Schools - Pocahontas, Rockwell City and Carroll Kuemper have joined in this project for their 4th graders.  A total of 582 students are now journaling these top 10 soft skills. Sponsoring Businesses are listed below....
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Sponsors for this Inspirational Initiative at Carroll Kuemper Elementary School made it possible for 84 - 4th graders to Create their Stories Oct 1st thru December 14th, 2018.
Fort Frenzy of Fort Dodge is making it possible for 582 students to be rewarded for their efforts in learning these 10 soft skills and Creating their Stories.
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