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Thank you to all of the parents, friends, guardians and instructors that chaperoned these field trips.  Together we impacted 403 students over 11 years!


Marie McLoughlin, Terri Laufersweiler, Jan Dencklau, Carol Foltz, Rene Jarvis, William Chou and Collin Cook's mom.


Jill Matthes, Deborah Ulstad, Mary Salocker, DuRaae Davis, Mike Burke, Dee Murman, Stacy Christy, Angie Hiracheta and Alecia Stenzel.


April Schuster, Danelle Wood, Janet Zinnel, Sonya Hughes, Ann Brungardt, Cary Clark, Sara House, Darci Shirbroun and Sarah Peters.


Angie Hiracheta, Mary Bowser, Juliann Walter, Lorraine Itzel, Gordan Blair, Jill Cook, Chrystal Schmieder and Shirley Helgevold.


Stacey Christy, Kelly Halverson, Robin Deal, Tracy Bachman, Matt Cosgrove, Brian Cervene, Melanie Fierke and Renae Crogan.


Linda Von Bank, Lori Finnegan, Kristin Hatton, Nancy Blair, Pam Ames, Melissa Peters and Tera Peterson.


Lori Finnegan, Calvin Bacon, Delsey Hinners, Glenda Howard, Mr. Howard, Nancy Thompson, Toni Cochrane, Maggie Hanrahan and Dawn Savery.


Melanie Fierke, Elizabeth Stanek, Jean Black, Jennifer Johnson, Dawn Asay, Jena Fritz, Deacon Roby, Robin Deal, Darci Shirbroun and Sam Lennon.


Samantha McClain, Dawn Simpson, Jim Seward, Jaime Pals, Dawn Asay and Echo Gallegly.


Dawn Asay, Jodi Major, Deb Holtorf, Jean Black, Chris Tiernan, Rachel Pederson, Tammy Varland, Julie Madden, Sean O'Connor and Jessica Bailey.


Laura Kelley, Kristen Mericle, Richard Travis, Keeley Myer, Amy Seehusen, Sara Miklo, Danyell  Freeman and Larry Zimmermann.

Thank you for a fantastic field trip for the CCS students and their chaperone, Tracy Bachman.  They had a wonderful time traveling to Sioux City and touring the incredible landmarks and site seeing excursions.  We appreciate the Students in the Arts program for supporting the students in their freedom of self-expression through the Arts in Fort Dodge.
Kristi Ellis, Administrator   Community Christian School
The students really enjoyed their special Field Trip Day to Sioux City!  We appreciate the Students in the Arts Program and it's support of the Arts in our schools!        Marilyn Olivari,  ART   Fair Oaks School
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