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Teachers comment on their students 

"Doing the Arts"

"Willing to work hard in the pursuit of excellence."

Thank you to all the following instructors  who have dedicated their service to our youth

Performing Art Instructors

Elementary Teachers


Jean Flattery

Gretchen Stanley

Marilee Kleespies

Rebecca Champlin

Cinnamon Kleeman

Susan Helling

Jennifer Schild

Jan Altemeier

Judy Gunderson

Lynn Bleck

Diane Logan

Nancy Blair

Melissa Hindt

Emily Lange

Jennifer McAndrew

Angela Naeve

Individual teachers at St Paul

Mary Pearson

Laura Klein

Kris Bodholdt

Jacque Batz

Elizabeth Schwake

Dane Barner

Middle School Teachers


Nancy Blair    

Jerrold Jimmerson

Bradley Blean

Joan Ascherl

Tara Smith

Sarah Simenson - Holder

Sydney Schaar

Leslie Mitchell - Reetz

Mike Richardson

Kristin Heldt

Allison Collins

Kristen Bodholdt

Kelly Albrecht - Weber

David Gardner

Sue Feltman

Laura  McCarty - Cooper

Tedra Towne

Marilee Kleespies

Brian Robison

Ardela Hein

Lynn Bleck

Roger Steig

Gretchen Last

Natalie Daniels

Alyssa Gilkey

Jim Ellerston

Cindy Schwery

Harlan Van De Berg

Jennifer McAndrew

Mary Heimbruch

Kent Wesselink

Justin Niceswanger

Angela Naeve

Individual teachers at CCS

Individual teachers at St Paul

Nathan Cashman

Kris Bodholdt

Ryan Swedean

Michelle Curtis

Gabrielle Way

Travis Balt

Anna Hug

Kala Thury

High School Teachers

Joseph Svendsen

Curtiss Klein

Mike Richardson

Sydney Schaar

Terry Coleman   

Connie Driscoll

Dan Cassady

Natalie Bradburn

Nicole Brown

Laura McCarty- Cooper

Kelly Albrecht - Weber

Rebecca Champlin

Jaqueline Scanes

Matt Drees

Kim Wankum

Lindey Krug

Al Paulson

Brian Robison

Tori LaCrox

Kersten Tipping

Sue Feltman

Deb Fritcher

Jennifer McAndrew

Sarah Cosgrove

Gary Rock

John Malett

Larry Mitchell

Kent Wesselink

Benjamin Wegner

Jarod Roth

Michelle Curtis

Greta Nelson

Stephanie Pace

Rachel Daum

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Visual Art Instructors

Elementary Teachers

Chris Rake

Meg Beshey

Christena Miller

Jan Rock

Jillian Knutsen

Chelsea Phan

Amy Seehusen

Cindy Ayala

Tim Janicki

Jennifer Newell

Nora Lucky

Linda Flaherty

Melinda Anderlik

Sally Rasmussen

Marilyn Olivari

Rochelle Green

Lori Zosulis

Kelly Moore

Individual teachers at St Paul

Lindsey Stephan

Deidre Miller

Jaci Schreiber

Benjamin Hobert

Erin Quinn

 Middle School Teachers

Donna Shekey

Jan Rock

Marilyn Olivari

Lori Zosulis

Barb Lilly

Zibby Miller

Sarah Peters

Mike Mericle

Tim Janicki

Richard Hanson

Joanne Astor

Chris Rake

Laura Aldrich

Susan Junkman

Sydney Honsbruch

Individual teachers at CCS

Individual teachers at St Paul

     Lindsey Stephen

Heidi Kayser

Keep Calm


Do the Arts

High School Teachers

Barb Lilly

Meg Beshey

Lori Zozulis - Daniel

Doug Harrell

Tim Janicki

Richard Hanson

Jennifer Dutcher

Jillian Knutson

Jillian Knutsen 

Ken Severson

Pam Sanders

Danielle Coronado

Christina Pruismann

Amanda Peterlin

Susan Slagle-Boyd

Sydney Honsbruch

Deidra Miller

Madalyn Loring

Natalie Petersen

 Iowa Central  Teachers

Kathleen Schreier

Paul Bloomquist

Teresa Jackson

Lesa Dencklau

Cassidy O'Brien

Dan Cassady

Jeremy Smith

Will Lopes

Iowa Central Teachers


Rusty Farrington

Maureen Seamonds

Jennifer Dutcher

Howard Haase

Rochelle Green

Richard Hanson

Kara Weyand

The following are individual comments from instructors on what made their students....

"Students in the Arts"

Information was used for the sole purpose of the Awards Assembly at ICCC in June of 1999

Nathan Anderson has a positive attitude and is a solid rhythm player and dependable worker in class!

Tim Weiss is a strong singer who is a good leader in vocal music!

Steven Kutz is a good singer, enthusiastic about music and participates in all activities at a very high level!

Allison Bianchi is a strong singer, understand music well and is an excellent leader in class!

  Nancy Blair   Music   Holy Rosary      

Cole Osterberg sings in the church choir and has good progress on recorder!

Detria Gully is helpful and kind to her classmates.  Straightened up bells when they fell without being asked!

Brad McIntyre sang in small groups at school and in his church group.  Scored highest at Feelhaver on Masterworks Contest!

Emily Wederquist does a very good job on the recorder!

** All students were kind and considerate to others and showed a special interest or ability in music.

          Judy Gunderson     Music     Feelhaver

David Powell has a super attitude for the enjoyment of music.  He has been one of our best singers and performers!

Christina Wendel has been one of our most responsible singers.  She takes her music very seriously.  Her pleasant attitude for projects is an example to others!

Jesse Michael has an enthusiastic attitude for music.  He is always getting into a rhythm, is a cool singer and appreciates the aesthetics of music!

Staci Haman has always done her best to participate  in all our music activities.  Her enjoyment is apparent in class!

                  Diane Logan     Music   Riverside

Matt McCormack develops shape and form to great levels in his art.  He applies color in creative ways.  His Kandinsky watercolor painting was fantastic!

Logan Scharf has utilized his composition skills effectively in art.  He has a scrupulous eye for detail in his work!

Devon Carlson skillfully communicates his ideas through drawing.  His art sense of humor is appreciated!

Courtney Freeman is an excellent artist and painter.  She develops her ideas to the fullest extent.  Her portraits are to be held in the highest regards!

    Chris Rake     Art     Duncombe

Lauren Egli participated in performances at ICCC and has very good progress on the recorder!

Natasha Gobeli made a three page summary of music from the computer and make a copy for each student in the class without being asked to do so!

Drew Ruby sings very well and even performs solos in his church!

Danny Loots sings in his church and sings very well in class!

** All students were kind and considerate to others and each one showed a special interest or ability in music.

     Judy Gunderson     Music     Duncombe

Symanntha French has worked hard this year, she is an outstanding clarinet player and a valuable asset to the music program at Fair Oaks.  Symanntha has received the highest rating on her clarinet solo at this year's Solo Festival and she was chosen to participate in the First Annual Karl King Middle School Honor Band.  We will miss Symanntha's hard work, loyalty and dedication next year!


Heather Frye is a highly motivated and talented individual.  Her drive to succeed has made her into a fabulous trumpet player.  Heather was involved in the Concert Band and the Jazz Band this year and she has had perfect lesson attendance.  Heather received a first rating at the year's Solo Festival and she was also a member of the First Annual Karl King Middle School Honor Band.  Heather is truly an outstanding Student in the Arts!


Val Oester is by far the most improved student in the 6th grade band.  Val works very hard and has become a fine flute player.  She was involved in the Concert Band and the Jazz Band this year.  Val has been very dedicated to the music program at Fair Oaks, she is always willing to help out and go the extra mile whenever needed.  Val also had perfect lesson attendance this year.  Val's dedication and commitment to the program and to her flute makes her an Outstanding Student in the Arts!


Jordan Harlow has been an important asset to the 6th grade band this year.  Jordan was one of only two drummers in the 6 Red Band this year.  Jordan was willing to do whatever necessary in order to cover all of the percussion parts(which is no easy task!)  He is goal oriented and eager to learn as much as possible about percussion and becoming a better musician.  Jordan was involved in Concert Band and Jazz Band this year at Fair Oaks.  He was also chosen to be a member of the First Annual Karl King Middle School Honor Band.  Jordan is an outstanding Student in the Arts!

Karen Mortensen has worked hard this year.  She comes prepared to lessons and was one of nine students with perfect attendance this year.  Karen willingly took on the task of learning extra music so she could perform with another team's band in the spring concert, because they needed help.  Extra effort makes Karen a Student in the Arts!

Jonathan Schlicht has worked hard this year.  At lessons he is always ready to get down to business learning the music and more about the trombone.  In March Jon received a 1 rating and a blue ribbon for his performance at the solo festival.  As a trombone player, Jon was invited to play a special band song with the 6th grade band in the spring program.  Congratulations to Jon as one of the Students in the Arts!

Mitch Clavey has improved steadily all year long on his trombone.  He plays with good sound and good pitch.  On Mitch's team this year, he and the tuba player were the only low brass players.  That meant that a lot of the time his part was like playing a solo and he was very able to hold up the low brass section by himself.  Mitch was also invited to play a special song with the 6th grade band in the spring program.  Not only does Mitch play well but he has shown willingness to work hard and do extra things.  This make Mitch a Student in the Arts!

    Tedra Towne     Jim Ellerston    Sarah Simenson

      Band Fair Oaks    1999

Ben Wilke is a talented singer.  He's always willing to put in the extra effort to make his performance its best!

Keri Crimmins has a super positive attitude.  Her vocal leadership in choir is valuable as well as her attitude!

Becky Ronconi has a strong voice.   She enjoys all styles of music and is a good leader.  She participated in Iowa Choral Directors Association Central District Youth Honor Choir this year and has been a soloist at Saint Edmond Middle School this year!

Tim Flattery is a good vocal leader in his section.  He is serious about doing a good job, but he makes choir fun along the way!

Jenny Croonquist is dependable and will do whatever she's asked to do.  She's active in all ensembles at Saint Edmond Middle School.  She participated in Iowa Choral Directors Association Central District Youth Honor Choir this year and performed solos!

Mike Dillehay participated in many vocal ensembles and small groups this year.  He is a great auxiliary player on drums as well!

Katy Bleck has a strong singing voice and a good vocal leader in her section.  She's been active in every vocal group this year!

Andy Flattery is an extremely talented singer.  He was selected for the state Iowa Choral Directors Association OPUS Honor Choir.  He is a valuable singer and leader in choir and has performed as a soloist this year!

     Nancy Blair   7th and 8th Grade Saint Edmond

          Vocal Music   1999

Michelle Condon has a natural sense of design and a truly positive confidence in her work.  She is always "up" about her artwork - it seems to sing of her happiness with the world!

Rachel Britten always seems to take a different approach than others.  She blazes her own artistic trail full of original ideas and a certain flair that is hers alone!

Cody Randall becomes so involved in his work.  You can just tell he loves to create, and in doing so he "gets lost" in it.  He then becomes totally focused on the work and he loves it!

Tim Reinhart has unique ideas, and as he develops his ideas they are usually sprinkled with his unique sense of humor and uniqueness.  A confident young artist!

Matt Halverson is a truly inquisitive student.  He always has a probing question.  He also has a strong desire to get better at something he does very well already!

Sara Livasy is quietly creative and willing to try anything in Art.  Her artwork has a bold and strong mark of her terrific decision making ability!

Jenny Fawcett is always drawing - you can just tell that she loves Art.  Her ability to "see" space and form allows her to produce some of the finest figure and animal drawings I've seen from a student her age!

Kevin Kelleher closely studies the world around him.  He is a hard working student with a curiosity and an ability to communicate his ideas in strong visual statements!

   Tim Janicki     Fair Oaks Middle School

           Art   1999

Ursula Swanson is a very reliable and enthusiastic student. She participated in the Honor Choir and played a part in the 6th grade musical.  Is was good to watch her grow musically and dramatically throughout the year!

Anne Secor is an enthusiastic student.  She was active in many outside of school music activities.  I look forward to having her in choir during the next year!

Rachel Feltman is a dedicated musician.  A member of the school Honor Choir, whe was also selected for the All State OPUS Honor Choir Festival in Ames.  She is active in many outside school music activities and played a part in the 6th grade musical!

Adam Kent is an extremely dependable student.  Active in many outside of school music activities and he took time to help us out with the 6th grade musical, playing an alternate part.  I look forward to having him in class next year!

Hallie Lehman has a wonderful voice.  She is active in Choir and Honor Choir.  She performed solos for our concerts and for a festival.  She played a part in the 6th grade musical.  She was also active in many outside of school music activities!

Charles Kramer is also involved in many outside of school music activities.  He participated as an alternate in the 6th grade musical.  I look forward to having Charles in Choir next year!

Emily Flattery is a very dependable student.  She was a good contributor to the choir and played a major part in the 6th grade musical.  She is also active in many outside of school music activities!

Melinda Diehl is an active member of the choir.  She is also involved in many outside of school music activities.

  Leslie Reetz   Fair Oaks Middle School

     Vocal Music   1999

Rob Secor is a gifted singer and has participated in OPUS Honor Choir, small group ensembles and swing choir this year at Phillips.  Rob is a very enthusiastic person and puts all of his efforts into doing a great job at everything he does!

Jenna Moeller is very talented and has been involved with swing choir, small group ensembles and was chosen as a soloist for the 7th grade choir program.  Jenna is definately a leader in choir and not afraid to put herself out there and try something new!

Ryan Kent is a very hardworking and dedicated musician.  He has been involved with swing choir, small group ensembles and other various choir activities.  Ryan is not afraid to take the initiative to try new things.  He will be a very successful leader in his future endeavors!

Britta Lindquist has been active in our choir program this year by auditioning for OPUS Honor Choir, singing in small group ensembles and other various choir activities.  Britta is a talented musician and a hard worker.  She always strives to do her best!

  Cindy Schwery   Phillips Middle school

    7th grade Choral Director   1999

Carrie Dencklau has a great sense of color and abstract design.  She paints beautiful watercolor paintings!

Tashia Lewis does exceptional work.  She has great ideas and follows through with them!

Lauren Setterdahl is an excellent artist!  She does well with many different media and applies the principles of art with her heart and her head!

Jalyssa Crooks does wonderful portraiture.  She has good ideas that she develops and paints colorful and classy  mermaids!

              Chris Rake    Art   Feelhaver

Ryan Baker is an outstanding student with a great deal of artistic ability!

Nick Anderson is always on task, cooperative, clever and an original thinker!

Jacob Johnson is a super artist - very creative, polite and cooperative!

Kathryn Nielsen is cooperative, creative and very helpful!

        Sally Rasmussen    Art    Cooper

Jennifer Pieper is a responsible, dedicated and positive music student!

Kavitha Ramachandra is an enthusiastic, responsible and dedicated student!

Drew Stuhrenberg is responsible, creative and a talented music student!

Nicole Dill is very dedicated and a positive music student!

** All students were chosen for their outstanding ability, cooperation, thoughtfulness and caring attitude.  Each student has worked to the best of their ability at all times.

      Jean Flattery     Music    Cooper

Amber Murphy has always liked music and has wanted to be a singer most of her life.  She has mentioned that as a career since 1st grade!

Amber Glover has always been one of our best and most responsible singers.  Her enthusiasm for music is contagious!

Alan Walker in his quiet way, has shown an interest in the arts thru music.  His interest in instruments, composers and making music is exceptional!

Bryce Hulsebus has always been helpful in putting together our music activities.  He has performed at the mall and is always cool in our vocal programs at Hillcrest!

       Diane Logan      Music     Hillcrest

Megan Arends has been super with music.  She enjoys it and by her example tries to encourage others to also enjoy the arts.

Angelia Knowles has just become excited for music in the last couple of years.  She is enthusiastic for all our music activities!

Shawna Weinzetl always has interesting things to add to class discussions about the composers, instruments she has seen or experiences she has had.

Samantha Wood has a pleasant attitude and enjoys helping others to also enjoy the arts!

        Diane Logan     Music      Otho

Ariel Black has been chosen for her enthusiastic attitude and willingness to play a solo for the Christmas program!

Cindy Eckermann went above and beyond for lesson material and played a very high level solo for  Solo Festival

Amy Weiss is always the cheerful, cooperative, supportive person you want to have in your band - always going the extra mile to help out!

Becky Eckermann consistently works hard and accomplishes her goals.  I appreciated her playing many extra events, especially Jazz Band!

Blythe Rolow has shown remarkable improvement this year - she has become a real leader in our band, and I know I can count on her to be there for us!

Gordon Kersten has made an extraordinary number of 'outstanding" lessons during his first year of trumpet.  He was also chosen for the Fort Dodge Area Symphony Youth Honors Recital!

Caty Crighton has wonderful tone quality and super ability!

Gina Delucca has accomplished many personal goals as well as been a super supportive band person.  She is always willing to play in celebration of our children's Mass!

Michael Flattery has the ability to be a real leader as well as take direction!  He is always positive and supportive of the group effort!

Beth Zuspann works hard on lesson material and is a very positive group player.  She quietly makes the music happen!

Jimmy Watters has gone the extra mile by staying after school for extra lessons and in doing so has exceeded his personal goals.  Super tone quality!

Beth Johnson has been an exceptional band member in her willingness to play two instruments and doing a great job on her solo in Jazz Band!

Ben Grannon has been a real section leader for our group.  He plays aggressively and with a great deal of enthusiasm!

Libby Kenny has worked especially hard to overcome a playing problem while continuing to advance rapidly in her lesson material!

Adam Winge works hard on his weekly material and has met the responsibility of playing in a small group.  It isn't easy being the only one in your section!

 "The Students in the Arts for Corpus Christi and Holy Rosary elementary instrumental music are chosen on the basis of "Outstanding" band lessons.  In order to receive and outstanding, students must practice and record at least 100 minutes of practice time for the week, bring all necessary materials to their lesson and band, and pass all assigned material for the week.  In the event of a tie, I would reflect on student participation in band, willingness to play extra events, attitude and cooperation.

   Lynn Bleck   Corpus Christi/Holy Rosary

       Instrumental Music  1999

Jahanna Hays is a member of the honor choir, talented musician with a good attitude about learning new things!

Andrea Heitner is a member of the honor choir, talented singer and has a positive attitude about learning!

Jeremy Newcomb has a very positive attitude and always with a smile!

Ashley Garst is a member of the honor choir, attentive hard worker and talented in music!

Brandon Harrison is very creative and willing to try new things - a joy to teach!

Rachel Schmidt is a member of the honor choir, hard worker, willing to put in extra time.  A gifted singer and great attitude!

Jenna Skophammer is a creative and bright student.  Talented singer!

Tara Echevarria is a talented singer with a great attitude and excited to learn!

  Angela Naeve   Middle School Saint Paul Lutheran

     Vocal Music   1999

Matt Becker is a very hard working student who really excels on the trombone!

Farn McFarland is not the very best player in our band but she has improved the most since 7th grade!

Megan Ver Helst works hard and takes her horn home almost every night!

Britta Lindquist plays very well for a 7th grader and great accomplishments will be seen from her in the future!

Amber Lemkau spends a lot of time on her drums, both in and out of school time!

Ryan Kent is taking his instrument very seriously and really tries to do his best.  He plays well for his age group!

Rachel Albrecht has done a very good job in band this year as a leader in the flute section!

Justin Rogers is a very dependable drum student who will do a great job at Senior High!


    Harlan Van De Berg    Phillips Middle School

       Band   1999

Shanda Clark has a great sense of design and a skill for rendering a realistic image.  She has great enthusiasm and a lively personality.  She is a pleasure to teach!

Eric Droste has a great interest in his work.  He has a good sense of design and much natural ability.  He is a great asset to his class!

Katie Craigmile is very bright and imaginative. Catches on to different techniques instantly.  Has a great sense of design and a blast to have in class!

Kyle Stringer has a great eye for detail.  Understands design concepts very well and he is a pleasure to teach!

Justin Trueblood loves to draw.  Has a great eye for design and shows a keen interest in his work.  Seems to be able to handle most assignments you throw at him.  "A cool dude"!

Chance Walker is a meticulous worker and has a sensitive eye for detail.  Displays a strong sense of design and a very good imagination.  A great young man!

Chris Opheim has a tireless enthusiasm with great talent.  He is always ready to learn something new and is not opposed to experimentation.  He is very creative and a real treat to have in class!

Colby Smith has a great interest in Art.  He is an enthusiastic worker with exceptional ability.  Has great skill in drawing realistic images.  A great kid!

    Dick Hansen   Phillips Middle School

        Art 1999

Cody Hagar has been an active member in 8th Grade Choir and Swing Choir this past year.  Cody has a strong level of commitment to his musical activities.  His talent and leadership abilities will make him an outstanding member of any musical ensemble.  We wish him luck in his musical pursuits at the High School!

Jenny Younie is an active 8th grade Choir member.  She is an extremely gifted musician and actress and was in the 8th grade musical "Groovy".  Her leadership and talent have been a valuable asset to our choir this past year.  I look forward to hearing of her many anticipated successes in High School!

Tyler Brown has been an active member in 8th grade Choir, Swing Choir and 8th grade musical.  He was also selected as a member of the prestigious Iowa OPUS Honor Choir.  Tyler is an exceptional leader and musician.  I know that he will be successful in his High School endeavors!

Jon Krause has been an active member of the 8th grade choir.  This past year he has had the unusual opportunity of singing alto in our choir.  Jon has embraced this opportunity and met the challenge head on, always giving 100%.  Jon sets an outstanding example for all musicians.  I wish him much success in High School!

   Joan Ascherl  Phillips Middle School

   8th Grade Choral Director  1999

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